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WLA Precision R410

Electrical Enclosure Cooling (Liquid Chillers)

Structure galvanised and polyester powdercoated structure. Colour std RAL7035 orange peel.

Compressors scroll compressors with overload thermal protection, rubber antivibration mounts and oil charge.
Evaporator: AISI 316 brazed plate heat exchanger complete of external anti-condensate insulation. The exchange is made through two indipendent alternating water/freon refrigerant circuits with cross flow to maximise the efficency. The evaporator is complete of differential pressure switch and antifreeze alarm.

Condenser heat exchange coil with aluminium fins and copper tubes. The coils are complete with integral subcooling circuit to assure the correct operation of the components.
Fans helical fans direct coupled to electric motor. The fan is placed into a nozzle to increase the efficiency and reduce the noise. The fan speed control is included.

Refrigerant circuit: multiple refrigerant circuit with

  • dehydrator filter
  • sight glass
  • high pressure switch
  • low pressure switch
  • compressor discharge shut off valve

  • Electrical panel: includes
  • main insulator switch
  • compressor circuit breaker
  • fan overload circuit breaker
  • control contactor

  • Options:
  • fan control contactor
  • phase cut fan speed control
  • C2020 controller

  • These units are chillers for process cooling that are not covered by the regulations for MT (Medium Temperature – EU 2015/1095) and HT (High Temperature – EU 2016/2281).
    The working limits for the fluid temperature, are:
    base units: +13°C ÷ +25°C
    units for low water temperature: -5°C ÷ +1°C