Energia offers in-depth information & data analysis to design consultants for selecting most appropriate solutions for energy recovery and indoor air quality.

Energia conducts site survey and basic energy audit for commercial buildings and wide range of industries. Audit helps to optimize operation costs through innovative energy efficient solutions that offer quick paybacks.

We help clients to save on capital investment and to refurbish their existing equipment.
Retrofit services are available for :
1. Energy recovery wheels
2. Plate heat exchangers
3. On coil UV lamps
4. Desiccant wheels

Energia offers quick delivery of following spares:
Retrofit services are available for :
1. UV lamps for coil clean and in-duct UV fixtures for any make.
2. Limit switches for UV lamp enclosure.
3. Heat wheel Motors
4. UV monitoring kit
5. Heat wheel speed detectors
6. Heat wheel VFD control units
7. Belts and pulleys

1. Annual service contract for heat wheel & dehumidifiers.

2. Yearly health checks up of UV fixtures.