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Desiccant Wheel, Proflute

Energia Technologies represents ProFlute AB, Sweden. ProFlute AB, Sweden is a technology leader in desiccant rotor industry. ProFlute has a type of rotors for every purpose. From the standard desiccant silica gel rotor PPS to the more sophisticated PPM Molecular sieve, PPH Hygienic silica gel rotors and PPX Silica gel rotors intended for use in extraordinary dehumidification of process air.

1. Made in Sweden
2. Patented technology
3. Third generation Silica gel rotors for dehumidification and desiccant cooling system. It has highest content of media then any other rotor in market.
4. ASTME E-84 tested
5. Flame Index-0
6. Smoke Produced-0

Inorganic media withstands high heat
High capacity meets and exceeds the competition
Lower pressure drop than the competition
No maintenance Internal bearings
Welded structure maintains tolerance
Stainless steel flange compatible with all seals
Low cost for industrial & commercial applications
Two week lead time industry’s quickest delivery
Standard sizes to 3 meter diameter
Standard depths include 100mm 200mm & 400mm
Available in non-standard sizes
Complimentary Performance Software Program