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Jonix CUBE

Air-Ioniser (Jonix CUBE)

Fresh air at home and in the office

Cube eliminates contaminants and odours and creates a pleasant sensation of freshness promoting wellbeing in all environments

Thanks to its innovative technology, Jonix Cube represents an ionizing, source; it does not need additional filtering, making maintenance costs extremely low.

Jonix CUBE is an air purification device; it is a design equipment that uses an advanced technology called cold plasma to eliminate bacteria, mould, viruses, pollutants and odours. Air pollution directly affects the body's vital functions and our ability to stay healthy.

CUBE creates the ideal conditions for the body, guaranteeing better general health: it provides relief in case of breathing difficulties in asthmatic and allergic people, optimizing their respiratory functions; it improves the vital functions and increases the absorption of oxygen by the body.

CUBE protects against airborne microbial contaminations in any area where there are a lot of people and in crowded rooms.