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Jonix Inside

Air-Ioniser (Jonix Inside)

Sanitisation of inner surfaces of air distribution ducts, CMV, fan coil units and ATU.

Jonix inside devices prevent the formation of chemical and biological contaminants (moulds, bacteria and legionella) on inner surfaces of distribution ducts and air treatment machines, and in the surrounding air.
Sanitisation takes place continuously, thus preventing dust deposits from becoming the ideal substrate for the development of mould and bacteria.

Jonix Inside are decontamination devices that feature essential lines and use cold plasma technology to eliminate bacteria, mould, viruses, pollutants and odours from piping's inner surfaces, air treatment units and controlled mechanical ventilation systems plenum.

Air contamination in air-conditioned environments can be caused by the bad maintenance of the aeraulic system. There are two different "risks" of contamination, depending on the type of induced transmission:

  • -The danger of chemical contamination from the build-up on instruments of contaminants coming from outside (through an external air intake) and from inside the building (through the recirculation circuit).
  • -The microbiological contamination caused by the proliferation of microorganisms: bacteria and viruses, mould and yeasts, for which the dust deposits are the ideal substrate for diffusion.
  • Jonix inside devices guarantee the introduction of good air inside the rooms.