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Jonix Steel

Air-Ioniser (Jonix Steel)

Stainless steel and quick installation

Jonix Steel eliminates biological and chemical contaminants as well as odours from any environment that requires high sanitary standards in small spaces.
Thanks to its innovative technology, Jonix Steel represents an ionizing source that does not need additional filtering, making management and maintenance costs extremely low

A product that guarantees continuous sanitisation, even while activities are being carried out.

The biocidal action and neutralization of pollutants is measurable after the first few hours of use. The continuous operation of the device prevents the spreading of bacterial contamination generated during activities.

Jonix Steel is an air purification and decontamination device; it features essential lines and uses the cold plasma advanced technology to eliminate bacteria, mould, viruses, pollutants and odours.

Steel creates the ideal conditions for the body, ensuring the best hygienic conditions of air and surfaces. It prevents and combats the spreading of airborne bacteria, reducing the risk of contamination for people and processes.