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MT2 Series

OEM Air Humidifiers Diphusair MT2

Steam injection / dispersion system suited for operation with pressurized boiler steam or unpressurized steam generated by the isothermal steam generators.


Suitable for working with pressurized or unpressurized steam.
Constructed from 100 % stainless steel, with a virtually indefinite useful life and hygienic applications.
Double steam dispersion outlet for each dispersion pipe.
The pipes have thermoplastic nozzles to ensure only dry steam “without droplets” is injected/dispersed in the AHU.
Extremely short absorption distances (AHU humidification section of 350mm: depth of 200mm + 150mm absorption distance).
When operating with pressurized steam, a steam separator is not required, which reduces the plant footprint.
Easy to install and maintain.
Enables the manufacturers of air-handling units to provide end users with a complete humidification section that ensures no condensation occurs in the interior of the AHU.
The absence of condensation in the interior of the AHU means all the injected steam is absorbed in the air, and this achieves high efficiency with consequent energy and water savings.
Kit available for own construction of electrodes and electric heaters.
Available for capacities > 1000 kg / h of steam and pressures of up to 4 bar (g).
Supported by the Fisair selection tool and its DLL.