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Electode Steam Humidifier (AH Series)

Electrode steam humidifier (AH Series)

AH Series products are stand-alone electrode type humidifiers that are designed as the control box integrated structure for user convenience.

They can be easily installed on air conditioning units that are not equipped with humidifiers or in places where humidifiers are needed.

The humidity sensor attached to the unit allows automatic operation by utilizing the external relative signal or humidity valve.

The products consist of the standard type products with the capacity of 2.0kg/h ~ 90kg/h and non-standard products with the capacity of 91 kg/h ~ 360kg/h.

Easy and convenient manipulation of display
Precise control
Drainage pump mounted
Security and reliability
Auto washing
Cylinder structured for easy mounting/demounting

Stand Alone Type Humidifier
Easy Installation
Precise Control / Auto Draining
ON/OFF, Proportional Control
Safety, Reliability
Various Capacity

Offices / Printing / Food processing
Computer rooms and Telephone exchanges / Photography
Projection room (Theater)/High Tech chip Manufacturing
Wood working /Museums/Bakery and blast freezing

AH Series Application