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Electode Steam Humidifier (FH Series)

Electrode steam humidifier (FH Series)

In an effort to enhance the direct humidifying efficiency, functions of stand alone type humidifier and fan unit have been combined into this FH Series humidifier. FH Series products are humidifiers that can be used to humidify a place where a humidifying facility is not provided (clinics, office, factory, public facilities, computer room, agricultural facilities, houses, places of much dirt). The products have the structure in which the fan unit and stand-alone humidifier are integrated. They have wider humidification capacity range of 2.0 ~ 15kg/h and allow ON/OFF and proportional control operation.

Easy installation
Compact size
High efficiency
Low cost
Low noise

Blower Type Humidifier
Easy Installation
Purified humidification
ON/OFF, Proportional Control
High Performance Blower
Various Capacity
Excellent Design

Offices/ Printing / Food processing
Computer rooms and Telephone exchanges
Photography/ Projection room (Theater)
High Tech chip Manufacturing
Wood working / Museums/ Bakery and blast freezing
Agricultural facilities/ Hospitals / Fitness center (Hot yoga)

Humidifier FH Series