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Humidifier Electrode Steam (OH series)

Electrode steam humidifier (OH Series)

OH Series products are newly developed OEM electrode humidifiers that are designed to have the structure and the systems that allow the humidifier to be applicable in any production setting. The series products have been selected by leading domestic and foreign companies because of their special features that include no significant restriction in water quality and free selection of humidification cylinders depending on water conductivity and supply voltage. They have wider humidification capacity range of 2.0 ~ 45kg/h and allow proportional control operation (4-20mA / 0-10V) without an external electrical device due to a dedicated controller (E-HUMS) adopted.

High level of safety
Excellent controllability
High level of performance
Precise controlling
Drainage pump mounted
Security and reliability
Auto washing
Cylinder structured for easy mounting/demounting

OEM Type Humidifier
Easy Installation
Repulsion start type Pump
Automatic / Manual Draining
ON/OFF, Proportional Control
Plug-in Coupling scheme

Air Handling Units
Air Conditioners

OH Series Applicatioin