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Electode steam humidifier WH series

Electrode steam humidifier (WH Series)

FH Series products are the electrode type humidifiers that have an improved design compared to other existing products. The height of the unit is reduced by more than 50% to allow easy installation on existing air conditioners, coolers or heaters.

They are easy to be maintained due to their completely sealed container structure. Since the product is designed with the ratio similar to conventional electric heating type humidifier, it can easily replace existing electric heating type humidifier.

Easy and convenient manipulation of display
Convenient locking device adopted (Air-tight container type).
As half high as other products of same capacity and horizontally structured for easier installation.
As compact as not necessary of separate nozzle.
Humidifier controller built-in with proportional controlling ability.
Adopted the automatic drainage system where the amount of drainage differ depending upon water quality and the responsively-activating drainage pump.

Compact Type Humidifier
Applicable on horizontal space with compact size
Stainless Special steel electrode
Quick respond by Six electrodes
Easy maintenance with Openable cylinder structure

Air conditioners
Alternatives to the electric heating humidifiers

WH series Application