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Dehumidifier for Residential heat recuperators

Residential heat Recuperators (Horizontal)

Air quality and purity, temperature and humidity are critical for comfort, especially during the winter when opening the windows for air results in a significant loss of heat and discomfort for the occupants. In this case a system of controlled mechanical ventilation is the best solution to maintain both the levels of energy performance and the quality of the indoor air. Recent regulations on energy saving in buildings combined with increasingly efficient thermal insulation and ever-better fitting of doors and windows, have definitely made our homes more comfortable both thermally and acoustically. This, however, has also transformed them into potential “hazardous, sealed traps” where pollutants used in the production process (such as formaldehyde) can be spontaneous released. To achieve adequate air renewal in the building and to ensure good indoor air quality, it is essential to install a controlled mechanical ventilation system. Air renewal is essential for clean living air. The European Parliament has legislated on this, citing ventilation as a “need” for the building. This “need” can clash with the need to improve the building’s energy performance to reduce consumption to a minimum. Controlled mechanical ventilation with ROE, RVE and ROC of HiDew heat recovery is the best solution to reduce the energy needs of a building and at the same time improve the healthiness of the spaces.

Increase Efficiency - Increase efficiency class and property value
- Renew air without dispersing heat
- Reduce danger of allergies