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Liquid Sugar Tanks

LTC Ultraviolet Germicidal Fixtures are direct top head mounted units ideally suited for liquid storage tanks with product dropout rates of up to 200GPM. LTC fixtures are designed to mount directly to the tank using a 3” connection, which is provided (other connection sizes and types are also available).

2 UVC lamps
10” filters
Electrostatic only (10 micron) or dual electrostatic
+ HEPA (0.3micron) filtration
3” NPT female-threaded PVC coupling to tank
Shatterproof lamps

Lamp-failure indication
Air flow indication
Triclamp, PVC and flange tank connections
Heat control
Rain/sun screen for filters

To learn more about the LTC Series, and other Liquid Sugar Tanks, including technical specifications, please visit our technical library where you can download and print literature. For remote mount needs, please visit our BT or SC-4 Unit pages