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Ultraviolet Food & Beverage TTG series

Liquid Sugar Tanks

TTG Series fixtures sterilize tank headspace, as well as the liquid in the tank. The lamp is housed in a quartz sleeve for protection, as the lamp is partially submerged, and suspended in the tank by a double-grooved gasket. The stainless steel electrical enclosure (which also holds the lamp in place) fits on top of the tank and features a Tube Guard to indicate that the lamp is operating properly. These fixtures are offered in 18", 28", 36", and 64" insertion depths to fit a variety of tank sizes. When used with an American Ultraviolet in-line liquid disinfection unit, product will leave the tank 99% bacteria-free.
To learn more about the TTG Series, and other Internal Tank Equipment, including technical specifications, please visit our Technical Library where you can download and print literature.