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Ultraviolet Photocatalytic Oxidation

Photocatalytic Oxidation

Photocatalytic Oxidation (PCO) is the process of generating free radicals (in our case, hydroxyl radicals OH molecules) by exposing a catalyst to an energy source. This process is extremely effective in destroying airborne contaminants like VOCs, bacteria, viruses, and other common pathogens. PCO can also be used for the reduction of smoke, odors and ethylene gas in food production and food storage applications.

American Ultraviolet is partnering with Fresh Plus International to provide the fresh produce industry produce-centric solutions designed to improve food safety and maintain post-harvest quality of fresh produce. Our systems utilize shortwave UVC energy as the source to initiate the reaction, thus providing the added benefit of germicidal UV energy to the existing benefits provided by the creation of the free radicals

The outcome of extensive research, and subsequent trials, indicate a dramatic reduction in ethylene levels in fruit storage containers like walk-in refrigerators, box cars, and warehouses. This reduction in ethylene levels slows the aging or ripening process, and extends the viable shelf / storage life for the products.

FRESH+™ is recommended for use throughout the cold chain for conventional and organic produce. With a wide variety of models available, our expert engineers can recommend the right system for any space, from small coolers, to large warehouses and production facilities.

Space-saving design allows our products to be mounted to the wall or ceiling. The FRESH+™ system is the only ethylene removal system on the market capable of handling "warehouse-size" space with a single unit, compared to other products that require 5-10 units to handle the job.

Fresh Plus International’s proprietary FRESH+™ brand of ethylene scrubbers utilize a powerful combination of UV disinfection and PCO to drastically reduce ethylene from coolers, processing and repack areas and in- transit, preventing ethylene damage such as:

Acceleration of senescence
Russet spotting (lettuce)