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Dehumidifier RSV

Dehumidifiers for Residential

Vertical Fitted Dehumidifiers The fitted vertical dehumidifiers of the RSV range and the horizontal ductable dehumidifiers for drop ceilings of the RSO / RSE range are designed for civil, residential and commercial environments with high latent load that require 24hrs/day operation. These are particularly suitable for buildings cooled by radiant systems, such as flooring, walls or ceiling. HiDew dehumidifiers can be connected and monitored with RS485 serial port.
The RS range consists of two versions : A – I
A = Neutral air version (isothermal): The letter “A” represents the neutral air isothermal dehumidifiers with air condensation, which is supplied with pre and post cooling coils as standard. The outlet air is the same temperature as the inlet air.
I = Cold integration version: The letter “I” represents the dehumidifiers that can add cold power to the radiant system. Thanks to a brazed plate condenser, the “I” models cool the air when required, just as a normal air-conditioner. This function is particularly useful, during half seasons, due to the high difference in temperature, or when cooking or when guests arrive. The “I” models must always receive water from the radiant system in order to operate.

- Formwork
- White lacquered wooden panel
- Painted steel sheet panel with plastic grills
- Supply plenum
- Mechanical humidistat
- RS485 serial port
- Supply flange