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Dehumidifier  RER range

Dehumidifiers for Residential

The RER range dehumidifiers with high-efficiency heat recovery system are used in radiant cooling buildings together with an air renewal system. The RER dehumidifiers dehumidify, cool, heat and change the air. They recover heat from expelled air. High pressure and minimum electric consumptions are guaranteed by the adjustable electronic fans with permanent magnet brushless motor and cutting-edge incorporated inverter. The top-quality refrigeration, hydraulic, aerolic and electrical components make RER units state of the art dehumidifiers in terms of efficiency, reliability and silence. More than 90% yield is guaranteed by the high-efficiency counter-current heat recovery system. The zero to 130/250 m3/h modulating air renewal can be manual or automatic. The humidifier autonomously controls room temperature and humidity through the standard fitted temperature and humidity sensors. The RER dehumidifiers can be connected to a home automation system thanks to the standard supplied RS485 serial port and requested software customisation.
The RER range consists of 3 versions : A – I - W
A = Neutral air version (isothermal): The letter “A” represents a neutral air isothermal dehumidifiers with air condensation, which is supplied as standard with pre and post cooling coils. The outlet air has the same temperature as the inlet air.
I = Cold integration version: The letter “I” represents a dehumidifier that can add cold power to the radiant system. Thanks to the presence of a brazed plate condenser, the “I” models cool the air as a normal air-conditioner, when required. This function is particularly useful, during half seasons, due to the high difference in temperature or when cooking or when gusts arrive. In order to operate, the “I” models must always receive water from the radiant system.
W = Water version: The letter “W” identifies an especially silent chilled water hydronic dehumidifier without compressor. The outlet air is always cooler than the inlet air. The “W” version supplies conditioned air in summer and heating in winter.

Remote user terminal - Remote user terminal
- Outside air dampers
- Supply plenum
- Recovery plenum
- Dirty filters indicator pressure switch
- RS-485 serial port
- Set high efficiency air filters
- Antifreeze thermostat