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Ultraviolet Food & Beverage Tank vents

Liquid Sugar Tanks

American Ultraviolet recommends using tank vents in conjunction with LTC, BT and SC-4 Series fixtures. Tank vents help maintain clean air in the headspace of liquid storage tanks in several ways:
Vents allow air to exit, so fixtures can constantly feed the tank with fresh, clean air.
If greater than anticipated product dropout occurs, reverse suction may also occur, and LTX Series (10” filters) and STX Series (14” filters) Tank Vents will prevent the tank from receiving contaminated air. The LTX tank vents work best with LTC fixtures, while STX tank vents are designed for BT and SC-4 fixtures.

For both the STX and LTX Series Tank Vents, American Ultraviolet offers a basic 10-micron electrostatic filter as the base model, and an upgraded, 0.3-micron HEPA filter model used in most food applications. American Ultraviolet can also provide virtually any size and type of tank connection fitting for our tank vents.